Smooth Streets Make Driving a Pleasure in Pricey Coto Neighborhoods

Heavy Equipment Hits the Highway With Buttery Blanket of Asphalt

The Ranchos Colinas Homeowners  Association has approved the 2019 street repair project for this year and the crews are already hard at work smoothing out the streets of Coto de Caza on their annual  repair project. The project will consist of asphalt repairs, several arterial streets having overlay work, slurry seal and seal coat applications.
Isolated removals and patch work will be done first.
After the repairs are completed, then seal coat work will be done on neighborhood streets and the slurry seal done on the main arterial streets. Notices and maps will be mailed to the impacted households advising them of the dates for the neighborhood seal coat work so that residents can make arrangements to park their vehicles off the street the day of the seal coat application. Homeowners and guests are respectfully requested to please follow all redirection and avoid areas that are barricaded by cones or taped off to avoid damaging your vehicle and the fresh asphalt or seal coat.

The street repair project will take place in the communities off Vista del Verde  and Coto de Caza Drive. The crew shown here is beautifying Via Dorado as they began their work early on yesterday morning.