By: Karean Levi Chapman

Pearl and Diamond enjoying the grass and sunshine.

Among 40 mini horses brought into the Auction Yard in Texas, November 2017, one stood out amongst them all and captured the heart of Tobi Coate. Tobi is a resident of Coto de Caza and found her little gem on Facebook after a friend tagged her in a post on the Auction Yard page.

Tobi knew she had to rescue and save at least one of these precious, mini horses, but which one would she choose? Looking through all the photos and underneath the dirty, ungroomed, scruffy coats, Tobi found one that she felt was in need of her love the most. A cute little palomino colored mini she’d name, “Pearl.”
Pearl’s journey to the Coto Equestrian Preserve from Texas was not an easy one. It took about three weeks to have Pearl hauled over and when she arrived her coat was in desperate need of some clipping and grooming.
Tobi put Pearl on a diet and gave her a few days to settle in before tackling the job of getting her washed, clipped and groomed.
Tobi soon thought to herself that perhaps Pearl was not overweight but pregnant. She called her Veterinarian to come check Pearl and, without a doubt, Pearl was pregnant. They didn’t know how far along the baby was so it became a guessing game to when she’d foal.
March 19th, 2018 at 11:25 AM, Pearl gave birth to a beautiful tiny foal that resembled her momma remarkably. A

Coto Equestrian Preserve kids welcoming baby Diamond.

tiny, palomino filly of a mini whom has stolen the hearts of everyone at the barn. Due to this joyful occurrence, the Coto Equestrian Preserve gained two precious gems: Pearl and her baby, Diamond.

In speaking with Tobi, she remarked, “Since Diamond’s birth, she has been the talk of the town and has had so many visitors.” Karean and Shayna Chapman received a special treat when visiting Pearl and Diamond

and said, “It was a bucket list item to get to cuddle with Diamond and her mama Pearl. Diamond gave us so many kisses. Both mama and baby were gentle and

incredibly friendly. Tobi’s story warmed our hearts and made us wish we could adopt sweet little mini horses one day.”
All the children at the barn are over the moon about the pair. Even Fabio, ESI Training Stables’ new mascot Rooster, seems to have taken a liking to the mini’s as well. Pearl’s arrival has shown and taught the children how a once

Tobi cuddling with her new surprise foal, Diamond with momma Pearl close by.

neglected rescue mini horse can blossom into a beautiful, healthy, shiny and vibrant mini horse. Some had the incredible and magical experience of witnessing the birth of Pearl’s foal and how a mare takes care of her baby. Soon after Diamond was born, she began showing off her natural instincts of standing on her own four hooves and nuzzled her momma Pearl for milk. It only took a short time before Diamond was dashing around her stall, throwing tiny bucks and jumping about in excitement of her new surroundings outside her momma’s belly.
Diamond will stay with her momma for a few months until she is old enough to separate from Pearl. She will then begin eating grass and grain instead of milk, as well as become more independent. Everyone at the barn is enjoying Pearl and Diamonds gentle nature and friendly disposition. This is a very common trait in miniature horses and why they make such wonderful therapy animals.

Pearl gives birth to her new baby foal, “Diamond”

Diamond’s first bath

Mini horses seem to enjoy the company of humans. Cuddling and petting Pearl and Diamond is irresistible. Diamond is as curious about her visitors as her visitors are about her. She will often give affection and kisses right back making it hard to resist picking her up for a big hug and kiss back. Their small size make them much easier to handle then the full sized horses at the barn.
It’s no secret that Pearl and Diamond are part of the Coto Equestrian Preserve’s family. Pearl and Diamond continue to charm everyone at the barn providing both the children and adult riders, as well as visitors a unique, special, fun and satisfying experience that stays in their hearts even when it’s time to leave. They may be small but they leave a large imprint on our lives forever.