Rancho Mission Viejo, LLC, in partnership with the County of Orange, announced the completion of the second phase of Los Patrones Parkway, a new north-south county arterial roadway between Oso Parkway and Cow Camp Road.
“We’re thrilled to announce the second phase of Los Patrones Parkway connecting to Cow Camp Road,” said Mike Balsamo, Senior Vice President of Governmental Relations for Rancho Mission Viejo, LLC. “This is further evidence of The Ranch’s long-standing commitment to enhancing South County mobility in advance of development, while providing mobility benefits to neighboring communities.”
Part of the County of Orange’s 2004-approved transportation program for Rancho Mission Viejo
included the phasing of improvements for this 4.5-mile roadway. Phase one of Los Patrones Parkway opened in September 2018, creating a free County arterial roadway from the end of the SR-241 (at Oso Parkway) to Chiquita Canyon Drive in the village of Esencia on The Ranch. In addition to improving vehicular connectivity, phase one of Los Patrones Parkway includes a multi-purpose trail for pedestrians and cyclists that extends from Oso Parkway to Chiquita Canyon Drive.
As with phase one, phase two of the new County arterial is designed with the environment in mind.
“Because the roadway goes through the Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo, special attention was paid to mitigating impacts from runoff and being a good steward of the natural resources,” explained Balsamo. “We’ve incorporated water quality treatment systems in compliance with the latest state requirements.”
Additional environmental considerations for Los Patrones Parkway include the construction of two wildlife crossings to facilitate wildlife movement, wildlife exclusion fencing and the revegetation of more than 80 acres of slopes with native plants, including coastal sage scrub. Roadway lighting is limited to the intersections and connectors at Oso Parkway, Chiquita Canyon Drive, and Cow Camp Road to minimize light into adjoining habitat.
“The completion of Los Patrones Parkway has been five years in the making, but it was worth the wait” said Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett. “Our public-private partnership with Rancho Mission Viejo, the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) and other stakeholders established a framework of collaboration which covers design, financing, construction and delivery. We’re proud of how it all came together for the benefit of the Fifth District and the greater region.”
In the past, Rancho Mission Viejo has partnered with the County of Orange to fund and construct such important South County arterial roadways as Marguerite, Antonio, Crown Valley and Oso Parkways. Los Patrones Parkway was recently recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers with the Transportation Project of the Year Award for the Southern California/LA Region. Currently, Rancho Mission Viejo is working with the County on the extension of Cow Camp Road to Ortega Highway (74) to serve local Ranch residents as well as regional needs.
At completion, the villages on Rancho Mission Viejo will make up approximately 6,000 acres or 25% of the 23,000-acre Rancho Mission Viejo. More than 17,000 acres, or 75% of The Ranch, will be preserved for ranching, farming and the phased formation of a large habitat conservation area known as The Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo. Owned by the O’Neill/Avery/Moiso family since 1882, Rancho Mission Viejo is both Orange County’s last working ranch and one of the largest master-planned communities in California.
Celebrated for its robust network of lifestyle amenities, diverse housing offering and integration of protected open space, Rancho Mission Viejo was recently honored by The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), a highly respected real estate industry association, with the Gold Award as North America’s Best Master Planned Community of the Year by. Gold Awards are the top honors presented annually by the NAHB, and competition for the awards is intense: this year’s winners were selected from more than 1,300 entries.
As one of the largest new master-planned communities in California, Rancho Mission Viejo will ultimately provide up to 14,000 homes (including up to 6,000 homes in Gavilan neighborhoods exclusive to residents age 55-plus). In addition, The Ranch is expected to include up to five million square feet of non-residential uses and additional sites for schools, parks and recreational facilities, essential services, and a network of trails and roadways linking the multiple villages planned for The Ranch. To learn more, visit www.RanchoMissionViejo.com or visit the Visitor’s Center located in the hillside village of Esencia on The Ranch.